About Us


At MK Consultus we are committed to providing legal services of the highest international standards. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients who value professionalism and commitment in addressing important legal challenges, disputes, and commercial transactions. Our lawyers believe in absolute commitment to the representation of our client’s interests and take pride in their ability to effectively evaluate issues confronting our clients, and to communicate precisely on their behalf in any setting. Thorough research and preparation, honest, pragmatic advice, and fluent advocacy based on an in-depth knowledge of the law are the hallmarks of MKC Law’s legal work.


Importantly, our lawyers are driven by the traditions handed down to them by their famous mentors in the legal profession — excellence, professionalism, tolerance, integrity, and being just and fair. We ensure we can benefit our clients by combining the highest global standards of law and business with local excellence of service and by maintaining the quality necessary to meet our client’s needs whenever they arise. Our lawyers are aware and mindful of the constant effort required to build a reputation for legal work that is not only effective but often groundbreaking and imaginative. We also believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork and have an open, approachable style. We expect our lawyers to be flexible and creative and to have the desire and drive to embrace new experiences and challenges.


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