Nawaz is an exceptionally well-qualified and experienced Senior Engineer Projects Director & Principal Quality Assurance Consultant, with an excellent track record of project delivery and achievements within the Utilities Industry over a period of 30 years+. He is MBA qualified with an Electrical Engineering background, with many years of operational and project management experience, in a competitive commercial environment. He has worked for one of the largest distribution network operators in the UK as well as two regional electricity companies, in both the Regulated (DNO) & Private Networks Infrastructure businesses. His experience covers the UK Government’s Major Rail construction programmes of Crossrail (£16bn) & High Speed 2 (£56bn). His work has included working closely with Network Rail and London Underground (Transport for London) as well as utility project delivery partners.

He has led and implemented an organisation-wide regulatory ISO quality improvement project and also led a key area of the DNO – RIIO ED1 regulatory (£7.4bn) price control. Nawaz has advised on Rail Energy Strategy / Policy Development, Price Control regulatory determination & Business Change. He more recently engaged as Principal Engineering Consultant with Network Rail where he worked on the Electrification work stream of a National Supply Chain programme, which was nationally recognised as a winner of the National UK Rail Industry Award. He has supported Electrification Asset Policy development for Network Rail’s next five-year control period CP6.

Nawaz is a seasoned professional having serviced over 30 years in major infrastructure engineering delivery in the UK and Europe. He has served in senior director positions on the UK’s biggest rail infrastructure projects (Crossrail £16bn and High Speed Two £56bn), where his experience and intervention resolved countless project conflict disputes and litigations

Areas of expertise
  • Major Engineering Programme & Project Management (NEC Contracts)
  • Rail Projects Advisory (Electrification)
  • Electrical Network Operations & Maintenance
  • SO9001 / 2000 Implementation
  • Power Sector
  • DNO Utility Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
  • Business Change & Improvement
  • Company Strategy Development
  • Commercial Bidding & Tenders
  • Metering Operations