ADR Appointments

Voluntary and contractual alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are an effective tool for both parties in a dispute to address the issues at hand. The aim behind our ADR services is to help you get your business operational and back on track, at minimum cost and as soon as possible.


MKC employs a multi-pronged approach, simultaneously facilitating our clients with both alterna­tive and online (remote) dispute resolution, advisory and consultancy services, while bypassing a need for a stay of proceedings.


We offer arbitration, negotiation, adjudication, conciliation and mediation; and appeared as expert witnesses and independent reviewers. Our ADR services encompass prospective and forensic delay analysis, document preparation and expert testimony in the pursuit and/or defence of contractual claims for delay, disruption, variations and general damages.


MK Consultus can assist you with your ADR needs as your legal counsel as well as an third-party moderator. For further information, please contact our office.




Our Arbitration practice is truly international where we have vast experience of representing parties.

Expert Determination

Expert determination is quite different from any other method of dispute resolution. 

Dispute Review Board

A dispute board or dispute review board or dispute adjudication board is a job site’ dispute adjudication process.


Our Mediation service is quick and provides a better opportunity for maintaining relationships .

Early Neutral Evaluation

Our Neutral Evaluation consultancy provides a process where a neutral third party hears presentations.

Dispute Avoidance

Our Dispute Avoidance Panel service is focused on reducing the misunderstanding between the parties.


FIDIC contracts are used by different states as a threshold to implement large construction projects.

Expert Witness

Our Expert Witness service deals with a wide range of technical matters involving quantum, & programming.

Dispute Resolution Advisor (DRA)

Our dispute resolution advisors form part of the team as a neutral member with the motto to avoid disputes. 

Consultus for a no-obligation claims assessment.