Dispute Review Board (DRB)

A dispute board or dispute review board or dispute adjudication board is a job site’ dispute adjudication process, typically comprising independent and impartial professionals selected by the contracting parties. Established in the mid- 1970s as a non-traditional approach to reducing conflicts and costs, the key reason was to deal with the issues in hand with­out disrupting progress of the project.
The use of DRBs is endorsed as a ‘successful technique’ for resolving and avoiding disputes in a timely and cost-effective way by the world bank and mandated if using certain forms of FIDIC and NEC contracts. We have experienced team who appear as dispute board members globally. Our members are independent, which give an excellent neutral view, and the significant expertise and experience benefits the proj­ect team, which is invaluable. We can help clients set up dispute boards, run and provide members for the boards who can be actively involved throughout the project and assist the parties in concluding the contract either without disputes, or if disputes arise, to resolve them with the minimum of time and cost so that the parties can concentrate on completing the project.

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