Property & Real Estate

Our team has a decades-long knowledge base in Pakistan’s real estate sector. We provide our clients with top-notch solutions on all transactional and contentious matters ranging from planning and financing to actual development and finishing real estate projects. Our clients include property developers, infrastructure providers, and investors. We advise our clients on various matters such as property acquisition, disposal, title verification, sale, rental, creation of security over movable and immovable property, and real estate private equity fund formations. We help our clients throughout the project lifecycle to foresee and overcome legal issues and respond to problems whenever they arise

Pakistan’s energy and power sector is undergoing significant transformation since the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor. With the changing trends in relation to sources, a complex set of variables, including transmission and distribution restrictions, resource availability, pricing, and technological advancements, define our current and future generation, transmission, and distribution needs. Government projections indicate that major investment in these sectors will be required in the future years. This has created new opportunities for local and international power developers, related businesses, and their customers.

The scope of our practice includes both conventional power project and renewable sources. We assist our clients with project structuring, tax planning, regulatory compliance, EPC contracts, project and conventional loan and equity financing, as well as site lease and acquisition.

Since MK Consultus has vast experience in dealing with multinational companies and public bodies, it has gained a rich history of dealing with construction and public procurement laws. Within this context, it has defended and litigated on behalf of engineering and manufacturing firms, constructions companies and pharmaceutical companies not only before the Pakistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and before the appellate forums of the country.

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