CIArb Congress Session 2022

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators held its Congress Session 2022 for the election of the CIArb Congress positions.


CIArb branch members and heads from all over the global network attended the event. CIArb Pakistan’s Chair Mian Sheraz Javaid and Vice Chair Nasir Khan were also among the attendees. The event also served as an opportunity to update the CIArb Fellows and Members on developments in ADR in different regions of the world with firsthand knowledge. With experts from difference jurisdictions forming panels of discussion on common areas of interest. 


Key discussions by the panels included:


  1. Challenges on getting the first appointment – increase your personal and professional profile, list yourself in as many institutions. Speakers: Jonathan Wood joined by Dr. Crina Baltag , Mahnaz Malik and Brandon Malone.
  2. Appointing institutions and what they look for – Updated CV with specific experience and track record. Specialist expertise, ethics and conflict free. Speakers: Mercy McBrayer joined by Jamie Harrison, Niamh Leinwather, Joanne Sait Louis, Xiaojun Wang and Robert Sliwinski.
  3. The role of Branches in getting appointments for Ciarb members – networking opportunities, professional guidance and support, accreditation, and potentially direct appointments. Speakers: Karina Albers joined by James Banda Dr. lalit Bhasin, Stephanie Cohen, Napoleão Casado Filho, Nathan Landis and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf.
  4. Diversity: what should appointing bodies and professional institutions do next? – to summarise, Diversity is being on the list, inclusion is being short listed, equality is given an opportunity and be appointed and belonging is given the chance to work in all sectors at all levels. The industry needs to work together to get the perception of arbitration or dispute resolution profession generally being labelled as a closed shop. The transition is too slow and needs to move faster. Speakers: Catherine Dixon joined by Marcus Cato Kabir Duggal, Ph.D. Amanda Lee, Emilia Onyema and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab.


The event drew to a close after the much-awaited announcement of the newly elected Board of Trustees, who received a warm welcome from their CIArb colleagues.


The newly elected Board of Trustees:

  • Jonathan Wood FCIArb upon elected President CIArb for the year 2024
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab C.Arb, FCIArb is as CIArb President for the year 2025.
  • Ben Giaretta C.Arb
  • Andrew Miller KC
  • Lucy Greenwood
  • Paul Barrett
  • Chikwendu Madumere, PhD Candidate CEPMLP, Dundee

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