Discussing the Prospect of Establishing Islamic ADR Centers in Pakistan with Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor Quaid-e-Azam University

On 13th July 2022, Lord Wajid Khan warmly welcomed the Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court, Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and Honorable Judge of the Lahore High Court, Mr. Justice Jawad Hasan at the House of Lords in an interesting and thought-provoking meeting.

The Honorable Supreme Court Judge Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah at the outset claimed that the purpose of the visit was to derive an opinion on the court system in Pakistan, as such an opinion is necessary to identify the deficiencies in the system and to reinvigorate. Such reinvigoration, he believes, will reiterate confidence within the international community. He was enthusiastic with the new political perspective he gained from the meeting

The Honorable Lahore High Court Judge Mr. Justice Jawad Hasan spoke regarding the commercial courts overseas and their role as a source of inspiration for attracting more foreign direct investment. He showed pride in the overseas cell initiative and the success reaped from commercial courts, which he believes will ultimately pave the pathway for foreign inward investment. Afzal Khan MP, Chair of APPG tourism for Pakistan, praised the views represented by the honorable judges with optimism of these efforts ultimately improving Pakistan’s image in the world. Virginie Colaiuta added that with incorporating ADR in Pakistan’s legal structure mix, it would inevitably lead to a much more efficient system for Pakistan.

Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid, Partner MK and Chair CIArb Pakistan Branch, added that the judiciary is helping with dispute appointment service and to bring upon new law to replace the outdated Arbitration Act 1940 in Pakistan. With the paramount support the judiciary has afforded us, he believes that reform is inevitable. Nasir Khan MBE, Vice-Chair of the CIArb Pakistan branch, summarized the importance of ADR in paving the way for a brighter Pakistan. Moreover, he appreciates the overseas support, such as by Afzal Khan MP and Lord Khan for ADR reform in Pakistan, where the general unity on this topic is a testament to importance of ADR.   

The dialogue was endorsed by Lord Khan, who agreed with the learned words of his colleagues and applauded the work being channeled into this venture, with a hopeful vision for the future.

A brief interview with Mr. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Mr. Justice Jawad Hassan can be accessed through the following here.

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