Contract Administration:

MK Consultus’s team of experts has vast experience in contract administration services, we will help you with your objectives while ensuring other parties adhere to their commitment. We at MK Consultus administer contracts in accordance with the requirements and obligations outlined, thus ensuring that relevant documents are kept in a proper format to prove a case if a dispute is found. By making us a part of your project team at an early stage will help us in providing better assistance with contract processes and procedures.

Commercial Management:

It is essential for a project’s success that costs are pro-actively managed and controlled from Concept to Completion so that a “no shock” financial outcome is delivered. Advice will be rendered on how to maximize returns on low-margin projects, particularly apt to the current market.

Pro-active Contract and Commercial protection plans are put in place alongside practical controls and changes evaluated for time and cost impacts.

Projects often require a significant involvement from suppliers and subcontractors where we can implement the contractual and commercial administration procedures to ensure that Cost and Program Performance is achieved and a dispute is avoided.

Final Accounting:

MK’s panel of Quantity Surveyors offer to undertake all services entailed to settle the final accounts of a project. We are involved in the final account preparation, submission & subsequent agreement on behalf of the consultants, clients, contractors and sub-contractors. The Final Accounts Services we provide ensure the following:-

  • Clear statements showing the contract sum followed by all necessary adjustments to that sum.
  • Prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant to the contract e.g. JCT standard building contract
  • All items fully assessed and adjustments made for variations, provisional sums, re-measured works etc
  • Work carried out on a Day works basis is included.
  • Loss and expense claims / reimbursement accurately assessed and included
  • Fluctuations where applicable are included
  • Confirmation of the contractor’s agreement to final account figure is obtained in writing
  • All work executed by the contractor including variations, provisional sums and quantities, daily work etc. are accurately assessed and included
  • Claims for loss/expense and fluctuations included
  • Accurate final payment is received at the appropriate time for all work executed on site including the above items
  • Confirmation of the employers’ agreement to final account figure is obtained in writing
  • Architect issues final certificate for final payment to the main contractor

Performance Management :

Today, within the construction industry, a great deal of effort is normally spent on measuring the traditional performance indices like cost and schedule whereas the evaluation of the overall project performance is carried out in a less structured or subjective manner. We at MK Consultus believe that by developing an integrated framework for project performance measurement will help you in develop a system of evaluating your contractor’s performance.

We have developed an index based on the measurement of project objectives: namely, cost, schedule, billing or cash flow, profitability, safety, quality, project team satisfaction and client satisfaction. We at MK Consultus help you in devising and implementing this set of performance objectives throughout the project construction phase will help and enable you to measure all aspects of performance against quantitative and explicit set of targets. This model integrates the eight dimensions of project performance into one overall index equation by assigning a priority or weight to each dimension.

By having us on board with you for constant performance management of your projects execution team, will help in drawing attention to poor performance in every dimension and will help you in a more reliable and comprehensive performance benchmarking of project.