When you move towards executing a project, right type of contracts documentation is crucial for your success. We at MK Consultus provide expert Pre-contract services whereby, you will have specialists and experts by your side to guide and select the right type contract forms to avoid problems during your projects development. This is a crucial document and we make sure that your stated vision is turned into reality.

Cost Consultancy:

Effective cost management is a vital component in building projects, from feasibility studies and cost estimates to budget control and final cost assessments. Managing costs effectively is the critical factor in the successful delivery of project objectives and outcomes, we believe that truly innovative solutions are made through continuous learning and sharing of ideas. We at MK Consultus believe in using a hands-on and innovative approach to provide our clients with updated cost information at every stage of the development cycle.

Our approach is to manage costs efficiently and actively, identify issues as soon as they arise, provide solutions and advice on time, this helps us in providing high quality services at low cost. We believe in working as a team with our clients in order to build confidence in the decision-making process.

Procurement and contract Drafting:

MK CONSULTUS helps it’s clients by developing clear and effective contracts, through a panel of experienced professionals, we have a wide range of experience in working with  clients, contractors and consultants. Our team outlines the contractual terms and procedures to safeguard the interests of our clients ensuring that the project is executed on time, without any delay or disruption.

We also have a wide range of experience in the field of devising procurement models for both clients as well as the contractors.

Procurement and Contract Management Services:

  • Procurement Planning and Advice
  • Estimation and Risk Management
  • Value Engineering and Management
  • Construction Planning and Programming
  • Preparation of technical specifications and contract documentation
  • Contract selection advice-comparison and contracting suitable forms of contract FIDIC, NEC, PPC, TPC, JCT, GC works
  • Procurement Management and Tender Evaluation
  • Construction Management and Auditing
  • Technical Observation


In the construction industry, the supply chain refers to the relationship between the different contractors and suppliers that are contributing to the overall project. Management of this is essential to the success of the project, including a full understanding of the reliance of different parties on each other, the logistics of everything coming together, the people involved and resources needed to work towards the desired outcome.

Supply chains within the construction industry can become extremely complex since there is often a large number of parties involved in the design, construction and approval stages of the construction project. This can mean project managers, construction workers alongside contractors and suppliers for different materials.

One of the key ways to manage your supply chain effectively is to establish a clear hierarchy. This clarifies the levels of authority within the project such as the first tier suppliers like any external design consultants, who are directly answerable to the client. It also helps sub-contractors and suppliers to know who their point of contact is to communicate to, so that the overall team can work in sync towards a common goal.

Supply chains are of the highest importance from the very beginning of every project. Clear communication and knowledge of where everything will be sourced from, whether raw materials or the construction workforce, reduces the likelihood of costly errors down the line. It enables a project timeline to be created whereby deadlines can be met easily whilst keeping all parties informed of changes and developments throughout the process. Collaboration is made easier, and delays are reduced significantly.

Supply chain management can mean being very hands-on, and become complicated if other parties are not cooperative or easy to contact. We at MK Consultus can help you with your supply chain management requirements, offering project management services as well as taking control of the construction process. We are involved early on in the project and are involved in every stage of the project so that we can develop a wholesome solution for timely completion and delivery of the project with a supply chain solution tailor made for your project needs and requirements.