Contracts & Procurement

Procurement Consultancy

MK Consultus is expert in public procurement. We work with government agencies to help them buy works, goods, and services that are both cost-effective and compliant with federal and provincial regulations. Our legal expertise allows us to add value by drafting bespoke or amending standard contract forms, as well as providing procurement and contractual advice.


We help businesses negotiate the legislation so they can gain more work, or we help procurers find the ideal contractual partner. Tendered work is divided into two types. The first is private-sector work that is tendered and awarded. The second, and far more problematic, scenario is where the work is procured by the government.
MK Consultus can guide you through the tender and contracting process in the best professional way. We are well-positioned with expertise in Pakistan to assist both procurers and tenderers with regulatory challenges.

Contract Drafting & Review

Contract drafting and review is one of the key components of our work. MK Consultus has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing contracts for a variety of large-scale projects throughout Pakistan. Our expertise in conflict resolution positions us perfectly to assist you in identifying and avoiding unnecessary risks. Contract documents, tenders, and warranties can all be prepared and analyzed to improve your chances of finishing a project successfully. We can design bespoke contract terms to fit specific business demands for projects when traditional contract forms are not appropriate.

Our team has years of expertise in drafting and reviewing following contracts:

1. Standard Form of Contract

Our team is well-versed in all forms of standard contracts and can provide sound advice on them. Our team has dealt with all types of standard contracts, with an emphasis on FIDIC, ICC, PEC, NEC, and JCT contracts.

2. Supplier Contracts

For supplier contracts, good practice requires to write down all conditions and requirements of a supply for a project when dealing with a supplier. This helps to ensure that key terms and conditions of a contract are clearly understood. This will help minimize disagreements pertaining to each parties’ rights and obligations. Working on these contracts is a major work of our firm

3. Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)

Special Purpose Vehicles are set out as subsidiary companies by their parent companies for the achievement of a specific purpose. However, their registration and licensing are regulated.  We offer our clients a high-quality service for establishing SPVs and guaranteeing compliance with regulatory criteria.

4. O&M Contracts

Maintenance and Operation Contracts, like EPC contracts, play a vital part in the project’s operations phase. They form a contractual link between the project company and the management firm in charge of the project’s operation and maintenance. We have extensive experience in drafting, advising on, and reviewing these contracts.

5. EPC Contracts

Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting, reviewing, and advising on EPC contracts, which are commonly utilized in the power and energy industries

6. Lease Agreements

We assist our clients with all aspects of a leasing agreement, from negotiating and drafting the agreement to its long-term benefits.

7. Subcontracts

Our services ensure that all subcontracting issues are addressed in advance in the primary construction contract. We ensure that all liabilities and obligations are properly stated in subcontracts, reducing the risk that our client bears.

8. Power & Water Contracts
9. Bespoke Contracts