Professional & Legal Advisory

Legal Advice

MK Consultus provides a wide range of construction and engineering consulting services. We advise our clients through complex construction contracts, procurement processes, and bids, avoiding disputes and issues, by collaborating with contractors, employers, consultants, and contracting organizations. We handle the dispute settlement process when disagreements arise. We help our customers achieve a commercially driven result in all areas of construction law.

Public Private Partnership

Public-private partnerships have been promoted in recent times by the government for attracting foreign and domestic investment. With the help of its experienced team MK Consultus provides services in the area of PPP disputes in matters involving project inception, project management, and risk management.


Third Party Funding

We can advise our clients on all types of third party funding projects like Public Private Partnersips (PPPs) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs).



Performance, bonds and guarantees

Performance Bonds and Guarantees ensure that the obligations of a party to a contract are secured. Our experienced team is well equipped and trained to advise on all aspects of these agreements.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experts have worked on difficult mergers and acquisitions in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Our attorneys are well-positioned to counsel clients in a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions. We’ve honed our skills in the energy, oil & gas, and construction industries. Our expertise includes both negotiated and contentious mergers and acquisitions.


We frequently create a supporting team of tax, competition, real estate, intellectual property, and employment lawyers to advise on the many components of the transaction due to the complicated nature of mergers and acquisitions.