MK Consultus has a vision of developing a strong pool of experts in the construction industry worldwide, who have the relevant knowledge of different forms of contracts and dispute avoidance mechanisms. Our international team working in various sectors around the world provides training services based on models developed by international experts having relevant knowledge and expertise. Our vision of Training and capacity development for construction industry can help companies in delivering projects timely and efficiently, and will also help them in outlining critical project details for better management during a project.

Form of Contract:

MK Consultus can guide and train staff for our clients to properly write a contract, in order to achieve their stated project goals. Form of contracts can differ for every project and stakeholder, in order to help our clients to understand and implement contracts for contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and others, we provide complete training support for your staff to deal with all these stakeholders and select the relevant contract type for each stakeholder in the project

Contract Management:

Managing contracts can be tricky for project teams; properly trained staff can help you in minimizing risks in project management. Contract Management Training provided by MK Consultus can help your staff to properly and efficiently manage contracts, this in turn will increase the output required by our clients. We can provide training as well as support services if our clients’ staff is not properly trained to handle complex contract management terms.

The liabilities of project Managers and Designers:

International liabilities for Project Managers and Designers stay even when the project is completed, at MK Consultus we provide training services to project managers and designers to keep them involved in delivering the project effectively.

Dispute Avoidance and Management:

MK Consultus specializes in providing ADR services, and we at MK Consultus believe that disputes can be avoided and properly managed if your team is well trained. We at MK Consultus provide training to senior managers and staff so that disputes can be avoided or if a dispute arises, how it can be properly managed. This in turns helps our clients achieve timely completion of the project, in order to better understand the concept of dispute avoidance.

Tendering and Procurement Process :

Procurement (also known as purchasing and supply) may appear to be a ‘hidden’ function in many organizations. In fact, procurement is a highly strategic role, whether the organization is manufacturing or service-orientated, in the public or private sector, for profit or not. Procurement is complex. It covers the full supply chain management from contracts (negotiating), procurement (purchasing) and logistics (storage/distribution).

Tendering Process under construction is a process of submitting a proposal to undertake government construction projects. Depending on the language in the bid proposal the construction companies make their bids for submission, and if accepted, a legally enforceable contract is created.

Over the years our team of professionals and experts have developed training modules based on the industry practices for tendering and procurement. We can train and develop capacity of your team to properly manage your tendering and procurement process in order to avoid delays and can smoothly deliver project.